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Finally A Website Kit Proven To Help You Score Clients

Transform Your Coaching Business WITHIN A WEEK, With a Website Designed For Coaches and Proven to Help You Get Clients Faster

Don’t have time to create your perfect business website? Ready to stop spinning your wheels and start taking your business to the next level?

Perfect.  We got you.

Get access to the BEST Coaching Website Kit, get online FAST and lose those headaches and tech frustrations.

This is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to grow your coaching business.

You bring your coaching business…

We’ll get you on your way to being the best in your niche.

What If I Told You That You Could...

Get Online Within A Week
Have it cost less than HALF of what hiring a website designer would charge
Avoid the tech anxiety
Grow Your Email List Quickly
Attract the right visitors and subscribers who will become raving fans and clients
Turn Prospects Into Clients
Sell Your Services With Confidence
Stand out and become the go-to person and resource in your niche

We get it.  You're busy and overwhelmed.

Jobs, families and responsibilities that can't wait.

You don't have the time or patience for confusing technology.  Or to learn website design and how to do marketing.

You’ve probably looked into or tried DIY builders like WIX or SquareSpace and found that they just don’t do what you want or you have no idea how to put together a website so it actually converts prospects into clients.

Or you’ve contacted a web design agency and either found them to be a bit condescending to you by throwing acronyms around like you should have known what they meant before you called, or found the price to be out of your budget.

That's why we’ve created a complete DIY Website Kit that any coach can use with minimal time and no headaches.


It's MORE Than Just A Website

We don't want you to just make the interwebs pretty.  We want to help you get your business thriving so you can make an impact on the world!

With The DIY Coaching Website Kit, we'll guide you through the whole Coaching Explosion Process.  Prepare - Execute - Profit

Prepare - we give you tools and help you with planning of your website with information and workbooks showing you how to write content to drive sales, how to focus your website to your exact ideal client and how to plan your website to be an integral part of your whole marketing pipeline.

Execute - a professionally designed starting point that was built with conversions in mind along with Video Tutorials to help you and teach you what you need to execute all your ideas perfectly.

Profit - we've included extra pages to create your perfect "funnel" including email templates and examples to get you off to a good start.  Information and workbooks to grow your list, create killer lead magnets and ways to market your website and business affordably.

PLUS we even included Videos and a workbook showing you how to start getting your business growing in the ranks of Google.

Your Time Is Precious.. Get Done Quickly!

Stop spending hours staring at a blank computer screen trying to decide what your page should look like... will it convey your story and brand message... will it look awful?  We've taken the guess work out of the whole site design process.  With designs we actually use for our own clients, we've put together pages that all you have to do is put in your images, tell your story and you're done!

No more wondering what SHOULD be on the page.  We've put EXACTLY what should be on each of your pages.

Need extra pages?  Just use the Duplicate Page feature and modify pages to your heart's content.

So How Exactly Does This Kit Help You Sell ?

We've got you covered both Directly and Indirectly.   What the heck does that mean?  Well, to help you sell products and services Directly on your site...

  • We've included Service and Product pages to showcase your product.  Each page is already laid out and ready for your products.
  • We've included WooCommerce functionality to make setting up your store a breeze.  Watch videos on every step of the step up if you need help.
  • Included LearnDash compatibility

To help you grow your email list to sell Indirectly to people who just aren't ready to buy right now...

  • We've included "funnel" pages and thank you pages that let you show off your lead magnet and build your list.
  • You get access to Videos on how to integrate your CRM or email platform
  • Given you a workbook on "How to Create a Killer Lead Magnet"
  • Included Email templates and examples that you can use in your "funnel"


Get your business thriving and bringing income into your business now!

Coaching Strategist

A Little About The Creator

I'm Gina Bultman, founder of BCP Digital Marketing. For over 15 years, I've been helping businesses like yours get beautiful, functional website online and get FOUND online.

I created the DIY Coaching Website Kit because I saw that most coaches came to BCP because they were frustrated with trying to get the website they wanted from WIX or Squarespace.  It never seemed to work for them, caused them hours of headaches and in the end they didn’t even own their own website.

And while we love creating custom websites for coaches that have all sorts of custom features, not everyone who needed our help could afford it as they were starting out.  It was a catch-22.  They needed a great website to generate business and revenue, but they needed the revenue to afford to have the website built for them.

We wanted to help.  And the DIY Coaching Website Kit was born.

Design Choices

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

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What Is Included

Design & Marketing in Your Corner

  • Pre-built 10 Page Marketing Website... (Value: $1500)

  • List Exploding Lead Generation System Built In...(Value $597)

  • Easy-to_Use Visual Page Builder...(Value: $99)

  • Premium Plugins...(Value: $417)

  • Embed Your Videos Easily

  • Online Selling Capabilities

  • LearnDash Course Platform Integration

  • We Connect It All To Your Hosting Account and Domain...(Value: $297)

  • Endless Customizations - You do You

  • You OWN Your Website...(Value: Priceless!)

  • Copywriting Guidance

  • Guides To Help You Get Your Website Found

diy coach website bundle


Getting Started Can Be Hard, Now We've Made It Extra Easy

We've taken the guesswork out of getting your website AND marketing started in the right way.  As a special bonus to you, you'll also get:

1 Year Membership to our complete video library which contains over 140 videos to teach you what you need to know about Customizations, WordPress, our Page Builder and Beginner SEO...(Value: $297)
Action Plan to ensure you have all the steps coverd that you need from planning to launch and beyond...(Value $47)
Email templates and examples to use in your marketing funnel... (Value: $97)
Website Content Planner - ensure you say the right thing on every page... (Value: $197)
How to Create a Killer Lead Magnet Workbook PLUS 101 Awesome Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines
Copywriting Guidance - Marketing Help - SEO Training... (Value: Priceless!)
8 Actionable Worksheets, Checklists & PDFs to give you the information you need to get your marketing ready for launch... (Value: $297)

When you add it all up, that’s a total, real world value of  over $3,800.


But because we’re SO excited to help you become the most profitable person in the room , you can get your own DIY Coaching Website Kit for just…

Payment Options

3 different options to fit your budget

1 Payment

$ 1497 / one time payment
  • Lowest price

3 Payments

$ 647 / month
  • Easy Payments

6 Payments

$ 447 / month
  • Most Affordable

Don't forget to think about your hosting.  You can add in one of our "Hosting, Maintenance & Security" plans at Checkout

Additional Options

Hosting, Maintenance & Security

You need hosting for your new website to run and be proudly displayed to the world?  Why not make it easy on yourself and let us do the hosting AND the maintenance AND keep you safe?  Servers that are optimized to run your website quickly, include an SSL certificate to keep you safe (and make sure Google doesn't penalize your website) all while we keep every aspect of your website up to date and hacker free.

*** If you choose one of our plans, we will install your new website and make sure your domain name points to it FOR YOU.  If you choose not to host with us, you will have to install the website yourself and while we provide instructions we aren't able to support more than basic questions since every hosting provider is different.***

Standard Plan - $99/mo.


E-Commerce Plan - $199/mo.

Cancel any time with a 30 days notice.

**Add at checkout

Coach the Coach Call

Let’s create impact—together.

Do you need a little help getting clear on your online marketing?  Get the clarity you want and the push you need to make sure your online marketing is getting to where it should be and helping you hit your goals.


We’ll start by scheduling your one-hour strategy. On our call we’ll talk through your online presense, your current offers, opportunities, and your short and long term goals. Together we’ll devise a plan to move your business forward — a plan designed with intention, not out of panic. At the completion of our call you’ll have:

  • Tech tool recommendations specific to your goals
  • A list of steps you can implement right away
  • A blueprint to move forward
  • Confidence that keeps you motivated and taking action so you can grow your business faster.

**Add at checkout


Have more questions? Get in touch with us today.

Payment Options

3 different options to fit your budget

1 Payment

$ 1497 / one time payment
  • Lowest price

3 Payments

$ 647 / month
  • Easy Payments

6 Payments

$ 447 / month
  • Most Affordable

* All prices are in USD

** All documents, templates and videos are in English only

Don't forget to think about your hosting.  You can add in one of our "Hosting, Maintenance & Security" plans at Checkout

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